MSDN Flash Podcast 018 – Michael Foord discusses IronPython

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[22/12/09: I have been unable to get the podcast hosted on Channel 9 due to problems with the publishing platform. But Michael did a great job so I wanted to get it posted. Hence you can find it on Skydrive for the moment.  Download from Skydrive ]

A great chat with Michael Foord, author of IronPython in Action, on why a C# or Visual Basic .NET developer should look at also investing time in learning and using IronPython. Michael wrote an article on IronPython for the November 18th 2009 UK MSDN Flash newsletter:

“One of the new features in .NET 4.0 is the dynamic keyword, building on the Dynamic Language Runtime. A major reason for dynamic is to enable easier interaction with dynamic languages like IronPython. But if you're a dyed in the wool C# or VB.NET programmer why should you be interested in IronPython? …
IronPython is a .NET implementation of the popular open source programming language Python. Python is an expressive language that is easy to learn and supports several different programming styles; interactive, scripting, procedural, functional, object oriented and metaprogramming. But what can you do with IronPython that isn't already easy with your existing tools? …”

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