On-Demand Webcast Library




For the best On-Demand Webcasts and other resources, we've compiled this MEGA collection:


·         Proactive Project Management with Visual Studio 2010 (video link)

·         Improving Developer-Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (video link)

·         Team Foundation Server for Everyone (video link)

·         Code Understanding and Systems Design with Visual Studio 2010 (video link)

·         Windows Development with Visual Studio 2010 (video link)

·         SharePoint and Office Development with Visual Studio 2010 (video link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 and a Glimpse of the future (video link)

·         An Insider’s Perspective of Visual Studio 2010 and Application Lifecycle Management (video link)

·         Visual Studio Lab Management Video Series (link)


Getting Started With:

·         Visual Studio 2010 (link)

·         Test Professional 2010 (link)

·         Team Foundation Server 2010 (link)

·         Lab Management 2010 (link)

·         Application Lifecycle Management (link)


Key Blogs & Guidance:

 Feature Blogs

·         Visual Studio Architecture, Visualization & Modeling (link)

·         Visual Studio Prescriptive Guidance and Team Foundation Server Integration (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010’s Killer Feature – Intellitrace (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Test Automation – CUIT (link)

·         101 Visual Studio 2010 Tips & Extensions (link)

·         Tips & Tricks for ASP.NET, IIS, and Visual Web Developer (link)

·         Team Foundation Server Reporting (link)

·         Everything you want to know about Visual Studio ALM and Farming (link)


Team Blogs

·         Visual Studio Team Blog (link)

·         Visual C++ Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Basic Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Web Developer Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Studio Database Project Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Studio Lab Management Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Studio Profiler Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Studio Code Analysis Team Blog (link)

·         Visual Studio ALM Developer Content Team Blog (link)

·         MSBuild Team Blog (link)

·         Team Foundation Server Team Blog (link)

·         Team Foundation Server Support Team Blog (link)

·         Windows Presentation Foundation User Education Team Blog (link)

·         Windows Communication Foundation Tool Team Blog (link)

·         Windows Identity Foundation Team Blog (link)

·         Windows Azure Developer Team Blog (link)

·         Patterns & Practices (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Forums Home Page (link)


Prescriptive Guidance

·         Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Guidance (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Database Guide (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Branching Guide (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance (link)

·         Visuals Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 VM Factory Guidance (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide (link)

·         Visual Studio 2010 Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide (link)


ALM Partner Resources

·         Adventos (link)

·         ALP International (link)

·         CEI America (link)

·         Northwest Cadence (link)

·         Benjamin Day Consulting (link)

·         Accentient (link)

·         Notion Solutions (link)