Regarding Custom XML Patch distribution and availability

Background reading
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A few questions have popped up about the patch for Custom XML and I thought I'd take a moment to address those. First, please see the patch posted on the public download site.

This patch will be not "pushed" through our update channels , because existing customers are not required to install it.

Will the patch be "pushed" to my system? Is this an automatic update?
No. The patch will not be made available from Microsoft Update or Office Update, and will not be "pushed" to any user's machine by Microsoft services.

What about future Office updates such as hotfixes or Security patches? Will the patched version of Word require different updates?
We will continue to provide security updates and hotfixes that work with both patched and unpatched versions of Word.

How can I tell if a document uses CustomXML markup?
The easiest way to know is by opening the document in an unpatched version of Word and to look for the "pink tags" that typically delineate CustomXML markup. Alternatively, for large volumes of documents, we will make a document scanning tool available which will evaluate .DOCX and .DOCM files for the presence of CustomXML markup. My next blog post will offer more information regarding this tool, which we plan to make available at no charge. Because .DOC files are not affected, we do not plan to offer a scanning tool for them.