What is Work Item Web Access (WIWA)?

WIWA is a Web UI that allows using some work item tracking features even if the user doesn’t have a Client Access License (CAL). It’s based on TSWA, but provided as a separate download. WIWA simply enables 3 core “file-a-bug” scenarios stated in the TFS 2008 EULA.

As a user without a TFS CAL, you can use Work Item Web Access (WIWA) to:

  • Create new work items
  • Edit the work item you have created
  • See the list of work items you have created

However, you cannot:

  • See work items created by others
  • List, view, edit or run work item queries
  • Add, edit or remove work item links (except attachments and hyperlinks)
  • Access documents stored on the project portal
  • Access project reports
  • Access source control
  • Access team build

No External Use

WIWA power tool is for internal use only (employees, contractors and vendors). It’s still necessary to buy an “external connector” license to enable external users (such as your customers) to connect to the server. 


You can download the CTP release for Work Item Web Access 2008 at:



To learn more about WIWA, you can take a look at my blog post about the WIWA spec.