TypeC - Why?

I didn't expect such a strong reaction and hence wanted to offer clarification; I was looking for a framework that helps me do the following:

  1. Namespace support: binding multiple implementations to the same base class/interface without collisions 
  2. Configuration driven type registry: extensibility of the application after it is published
  3. Load assemblies from arbitrary locations: support for  assembly loading from several arbitrary locations; needed this to make it easier for testing with build directories owned by someone else. I understand the security implications and hence the framework will insist on strong named assemblies and warns if not.  [At the moment I am testing this and will commit later in the week]
  4. Generate type registry: this is a consequence of 2; since the Type specification syntax for reflection can become complex with nested generics, I needed this in a framework.

I can't say I have done thorough research across the IoC landscape but after a quick scan I didn't find one framework that supported all the above.

Also, I may have thought like a developer; within the time that is consumed by the research and testing of the frameworks, I thought I could put together one myself:)

Is this the best in its current incarnation? NO; it just serves my purpose. I will add constructor and setter injection soon.

End of the day, I did this for my own use and if any of you find it useful please use it. If not, IMO, no harm done. If you want to help me make it better, please do send me feedback.

As @Dave (THANK YOU @Dave!) suggested, I now have the experience of all the issues that one faces while writing an IoC container!