Its been quite some time since I consciously dug out time to write something here. The past couple of months have been a helluva time. I started with getting the feelers on office 12 and then the whole bunch of technological challenges that throws up. Most of my time has been spent just getting to know the "stuff under the hood" and then some. The PDC was one big event this year from a technological perspective. This year saw the unvieling of Office 12 suite of products along with the much awaited Avalon, Acrylic and the WinFX showcase. But of course there have been reams and reams of HTML being churned out on everything post PDC.

Then on a more realistic front was the threat posed by Katrina and Rita - the current celebrities. Katrina was an eye opener on what happened and waht could have been done to prevent the debacle. But as always, when calamity strikes, human nature comes to the fore and we see astounding acts of heroism and selflessness from unexpected quarters. I was fortunate to have witnessed this in the recent cyclonic floods in Mumbai. With the water level rising upto 2 storeys, the situation was frightening, and yet the effervescent spirit of the die-hard Mumbaikar (as Bombayites fondly call themselves) kept hem afloat!

September is a month that I have grown to love. Giving me two opportunities to celebrate first with my birthday followed closely by my wedding anniversary. This time around was a bit special since it was my first anniversary. Celebrations galore!!! It was a lovely weekend which was whiled away reminescing on memories of our college days. Ecstatic.

I have been painstakingly trying to get the Office 12 beta working on top of Longhorn and its been hoodwinking me everytime. Aw well, atleast I have the satisfaction of seeing them in action as well as taking up the challenge to troubleshoot. With lots of work happening with .NET as well as the impending release of the much awaited .NET vNext, I thought it a good opportunity to start learning the ropes for that. With loads and loads of new features as well as new idealogies, its turning out to be quite an interesting ask.

On a lighter note had dekko of the AoE3 demo, with astounding graphics I personally feel the game play has slowed down a lot. Then of course there was the much raved about F.E.A.R - designed to chill we folks had the misfortune of the game crashing on us owing to poor hardware. Tsk tsk!

More coming soon....