Fake person brand

I am not sure how I feel about this. Pick a few things that kind of suck in an ironic sort of way, and call it brand? Please, I don't want to hear from a bunch of guys named Fred. Many fine, fine people names would suck as brands. Anyway, the brand name is wrong, the font is wrong. Does that make it so right? There is something good going on there. I am trying to decide if it's actually the design of the product that overcomes all this brand weirdness (although Ikea pretty much took the novelty out of Scandinavian design). Or if it's all working together; if the product is about simplicity and all the brand elements were created to support it (which leads me to this: the business cards are just wrong-wrong). Or if it was just like "This is weird. Let's try it." I guess my opinion here is similar to my opinion about TV commercials. It doesn't matter if the commercial is annoying. Do you remember it and does it lead to increased sales?

Then again, it may not matter. I'm not Australian.