Intense wisdom from my first week of blogging

I am looking back at what I thought was blog-worthy in March of 2004. Yeah, I am up in the middle of the night with my sick dog, checking mail and facebook and now this. Hey, my cable is out (OK ,on now), and I'm trying to decide when today becomes tomorrow and I can break out the coffee. And I am a little excited because my XBox/Kinect bundle is waiting for me at BestBuy (woohoo, a little Dance Central coming to casa de Hamilton!). In the words of the kid in the Disney commercial: "I'm too excited to sleep." And too scared of Jonas getting sick again. Anyway, back to the blog posts. Yikes. My first several blog posts do I put this?...bad. They were really, really bad. I am not being too self-critical telling you this: I was scared and had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know the kind of  attention my blog was going to get; quotes in WSJ, mention in FastCompany, speaking at conferences. Anyway, the first post where I decided to get real (because that is really what this has been about, right?), I offered this glimmering nugget of wisdom that I think you will find very worthwhile today...

"**sometimes, if you think you are getting a headache from staring at your computer screen, you just need to loosen up your pony tail"

No, no. No golf clap necessary. This was just intense insight and a sentence that would change your life. OK, seriously. I didn't mean it at the time and just realized it, but there is some serious symbolism there. I have got to loosen up my pony tail; stop taking things so seriously and just relax and enjoy my life instead of spinning cycles on stuff that won't make me happy. Two more things...why is there an apostrophe in won't?...and also seriously/serious/seriously in one paragraph is editorially cringe-worthy. I'm too tired to mix it up. 3:39 AM, that's the best I can do. Should I care? My loosening pony tail says no. speaks. More life-changing wisdom to come.