Microsoft opening certification training center in Baghdad

OK,  now *this* is interesting. This kind of investment is a little different than I had envisioned when I thought of getting Iraq back on its feet. But it makes sense if...

1) There are people that are interested in technology but lack resources to enter the industry at all

2) People who have computers and an interest in technology but want to learn more about them to consider making technology a career choice


3) People who work or have worked in the tech industry that would increase their standard of living and grow their economy by becoming certified.

Is it possible that this center will accomplish all three? I find the first one really intriguing (likewise the idea of increasing the resources for tech education in schools here...start em young, get them interested...spoken like a true recruiter).

I guess that I had imagined less infrastructure in Iraq to support high tech. And I suppose that is the result of my limited exposure (and I am not going to blame the media, but...).