Most annoying marketers (brands, not people)

There used to be weird newspaper advertisement (oh, the ones of the long past, advertising things that you really should NOT use nor talk about). Then there were and still are the horrible jingly TV ads. Git outta mah head!  What I have noticed lately are the emarketing ones, they bombard you and then try to confuse you into not unsubscribing (which is different from subscriing...because you kind of never did). Aside from the random BS one-off ads I receive in my inbox, most certainly because my email address has been scraped off of this here blog, there are the ones from online stores I have bought things from. The ones where you are automatically signed up for marketing emails. But really? Every day? There isn't even a person I want to see every day. And then you click on their "unsubscribe" link and are taken to a page with all these different types of communications that you somehow "elected" to receive (elected? I don't recall there being a vote). And at the bottom a teeny-tiny link in light gray that allows you to actually unsubscribe. That is the kind of annoying advertising I am thinking of. I'm a teeth grinder and my jaw hurts just thinking about this.

One on my s-list right now: GoDaddy. GoAway. 

Oh, and the ones that are for Viagra. I knew I left something off my grocery list.