Tell me if this is ironic, unfortunate or if I am totally nuts

Evidence: this FastCompany story on darlings of social media. Give it a gander. The effect is better if you read it; in which case you will notice what I do. This story has not been formatted for viewing on the web. Commentary on one of the superstars appears under a picture and heading of another; something that you would typically see from a paper and ink publication a few years ago when they sloppily took their print content and plopped it on the interwebz. Seeing what I am seeing?

OK, now hit the little print icon at the bottom. Problem solved. Yes siree, this article about social media was formatted for printing. Didn't FastCompany do away with the print version of their magazine? Please reference my post from today that references recycling. Hmph.

Let me be clear: I am a fan of FC, not just because they put a little tiny blurb about this here blog in a side bar years ago (guess they liked my Apprentice recaps, which I also liked until I decided that instead of spending 5 hours of my personal time starting and stopping my DVR to capture the hilarity and my opinion for a blog post)...not sure they named the blog or just me...memories of when I used up three ticks of my fifteen minutes! If you click around here, you will see that I link to them all the time. I love their design, topics, cheekiness. Really. But maybe they should hire me as their web editor. Because dude, that is an unfortunate little piece of online publication, especially given the subject matter. I still love them though. If they needed a date to an office party so their co-workers would think they are cool, I would totally go as friends, hold their hand and pretend I am absolutely in love, so they could go back to work after the holidays and tell their colleagues that they dumped me. That is how much I like them. For real.

Anyway, because my life is like this, I suspect that they will fix it and I will have linked to a beautifully formatted masterpiece. Either that or I am again becoming aware of my own sense of self-importance. Like maybe they took me to that hypothetical office party because they wanted to make my best friend jealous; because that is the person they love back.