The moment between photo and video...

...the animated .gif.

(Read about it at FastCompany)

There's something beautiful about this; more refined than video, in kind of an emotional way. I think it's that the isolation of the movement is compelling; kind of tells a story. I rarely want to crawl inside a video. This photo makes me want a nice glass of red. Or to dash out after dinner to catch a cab because I have someone important I need to see.

Coincidentally, I am currently producing training videos (nothing with any cinematographical significance...lots of screen shots and the sound of my own voice) and I am shopping for more art work for my loft (a frustrating experence to say the least, as it's been pointed out that I am rarely ever finally satisfied). So I guess that these beautiful images fall somewhere in between.

Also, the article that brought me to these photos (are they "photos" or something else?) showed the use of this technique to document the process for making strawberry beer. And the photos include pretty people. But strawberry beer is a crime against strawberries. And beer. Anyway.