Spell out page numbers in Word

If the default page numbering in Word doesn't give you what you want, you can further customize it using Field Codes. A great example is spelling out the numbers. It's a quick and easy change to make, if you know where to go.

First, turn on page numbering by going to the Insert tab and clicking Page Number. Now pick a placement and simple style:

Page Number

You'll be in Header/Footer edit mode. Right-click your page number and select Edit Field:

Edit Field

Here you'll see the default options (and all sorts of other fields you can play with). If one of these works for you, great! Otherwise, click the Field Codes button at bottom left:

Field properties

The PAGE field code should be prepopulated. Simply add this text after the word "PAGE" it to convert your page numerals to spelled-out word numbers:

\*CardText \*CAPS

Advanced field properties

That's it. Click OK and you should have page numbers that look like this:

Page Number: One

Now click Close Header and Footer and continue working on your document, pausing once in awhile perhaps to enjoy your new numbering style.

Close Header and Footer