Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 Portal (4.4.1459.0 or Later) – Support for CustomObject (ExplicitMember) Membership Management


Hello folks, David Steadman Here!!

Today with the release of the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 March 2017 Hotfix (4.4.1459.0), We released a enhancement that allow you to extend the functionality that was originally hardcoded to the group object. Yes I am talking about the Join, Leave,Add Member,Remove Member controls

To use this control in your custom object simply add the attribute ‘ExplicitMember, ComputedMember and Membership Locked)’ to the custom object binding. More information on custom object management can be found here: image

Repeat this binding and you should have the 3 required bindings


Make sure you configured all required MPR / Sets / Search Scopes based on the article mention above

We now go to custom group object and see the navigation bar like a OOB Group management


Custom Group created now you can join



For the FIM MA:  "Member" attribute require from resource type to have all three bound properties: "ExplicitMember", "ComputedMember" and "Filter"