Spending too Much on Internal Audio Conferencing?

Perhaps follow an approach like Nextel Sprint – who were spending over $1Million per month on Audio Conferencing – and unify Communications and Collaboration into a single platform with Microsoft Unified Communications.


Sprint saves over $9.3Million annually with their solution.

See their Video Case study and Business Success story at:  https://www.microsoft.com/business/success/?StoryID=147 

How are they saving money?

1) They are replacing their 489 PBX’s with software driven voice capabilites.

2) They are unifying 18 voice messaging systems with Microsoft Unified Messaging

3) They are using less expensive IP Phones and headsets, and giving users more choice on the device they can use

4) Using RoundTable devices (now marketed as the Polycom CX5000) for Boardroom Video Conferencing

5) Reduction in local carrier charges

6) Reduction in Electricity

7) Optimized Office space – more flexible working allows for more people per floor. Through a variety of programs, enabled by IT, Sprint claims they have reduced floor space by 1 million square feet.

Download the complete Case Study document –> Download Case Study