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ECMAScript 3 and Beyond

There have been a number of blog posts recently about JavaScript developments, e.g. Gabriele Renzi’s "ECMAScript 4, the fourth system syndrome". For ECMAScript, we here on the IE team certainly believe that thoughtful evolution is the right way to go; as I've frequently spoken about publicly, compatibility with the current web ecosystem - not "breaking the Web" - is something we take very seriously. In our opinion, a revolution in ECMAScript would be best done with an entirely new language, so we could continue supporting existing users as well as freeing the new language from constraints (including the constraint of performantly supporting scripts written in the old language). My colleague Pratap (our representative on the ECMAScript Technical Committee) with the JScript team, just posted on their blog about some work they've done on this topic. We're also very interested in feedback from JavaScript web and framework developers on their thoughts about their needs and the future of the language.

Chris Wilson
IE Platform Architect