IE test VMs on modern.IE get a refresh

To help web developers test versions of Internet Explorer more easily, we’ve had a suite of virtual machines available on modern.IE since January of 2013. Today we released another refresh of the VMs to incorporate feedback and to update the base Windows versions.

The changes we’ve made with build 20141027 include:

  • We now use IE blocker toolkit to keep the version of IE for that image fixed and not auto-updated
  • Set Windows Update on and to auto update
  • Applied all applicable Windows Updates to the images up to November 2014
  • Changed the archive technology from RAR to ZIP based on community feedback
  • Added a single large ZIP file archive as a download option in addition to multi-part files as requested by the community

Please update any scripts or automation hooks you may have built with our URLs to point to the most recent build and note the change of archive format to ZIP. We’ve also updated the readme and instructions on the site to help with the extraction process.

These updates apply to all VMs accessible via the sites download page for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and across Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMWare Player and Parallels Desktop.

As always, we love to hear from you so connect with us via twitter @IEDevChat for feedback and connecting with the web platform team here at Microsoft.

— Anton Molleda (@molant), Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Update 1/8/15 - Corrected build number.