RE: IE8 Beta Feedback

Thank you to everyone who has provided the IE Team with feedback on IE8. Your dedication to making this product the best it can be is truly amazing. Here is an update on the feedback channels mentioned in IE8 Beta Feedback blog post back in March of 2008:

  • IE8 Technical Beta – We invited a group of beta testers, including anyone who emailed us, from around the world to test and submit issues on IE8 through Microsoft Connect
    Compared to feedback during IE7, we received a high percentage of actionable bugs.  We appreciate the time everyone took to file detailed bug reports with the IE Team.

    What happens now?   All Postponed bugs are now active for consideration in the next version of Internet Explorer.  We resolved and closed all other bugs submitted since IE8 Beta 1. The Internet Explorer 8 Feedback website on Microsoft Connect will remain open and we will not delete any of your previously submitted bugs.  Right now we are looking for new IE8 bugs and bugs that have regressed (meaning the bug was previously fixed and now occurs in IE8 RTW).

    In the next couple of months, we will introduce a new type of feedback form designed specifically to handle improvements for the next version of Internet Explorer. Please stay tuned for more information.

  • Public Votes on IE8 Technical Beta bugs – We have opened up the bug database for the IE8 Technical Beta for everyone to view and vote on issues.  There is no need to create a Microsoft Connect account. 

    What happens now?   This site will remain open to the public.  Please continue to rate the bugs most important to you.

  • Report a Webpage Problem Tool - The Report a Webpage Problem Tool is a control you can download and install in IE8. When you encounter a site that is not rendering correctly, you can submit a report.

  • Automated Customer Feedback – Internet Explorer uses an automated system to collect real-world data about crashes and hangs. For more information on this, please read the IE8 Reliability Update for Windows 7 Beta Now Available blog post.

  • IE Beta Newsgroup – This new newsgroup is the all-in-one place to discuss items about IE8 betas.  Thank you to everyone, especially the IE MVP’s, for helping the IE Team monitor our newsgroups and filing bugs on other’s behalf. Great team work!

We are looking for new IE8 RTW bugs, particularly issues where something worked in an IE8 beta release and does not work in IE8 RTW. If you believe you have one of these issues, please take the following steps:

  1. Read the IE8 Release Notes
  2. Visit the Internet Explorer 8 Technical Beta program on Microsoft Connect ( and view bugs in the database.
  3. If you don’t find your issue, you can visit the IE General Newsgroup and post your issue there. Members of the technical beta will be monitoring this newsgroup and can file a bug about the issue on your behalf.

Once again, thank you for your help in making IE8 great!

Allison Burnett + IE Team

Edit 3/23/09: typo correction, Windows 7, not Windows 8 :)
Edit 3/31/09: Please use the General IE newsgroup for issues which area not already in Connect, not the Beta newsgroup. Corrected this reference.