Status roadmap update: srcset,

element, and date inputs in development

Today we’re updating our platform roadmap with a few more features that we’ve started working on:

Responsive Images: image srcset

To take advantage of high resolution screens, it’s desirable to provide higher resolution image resources. While today’s devices come with all sorts of different resolution screens, it’s important to be able to provide the right resource for the device’s capabilities for optimal experience and performance. We have therefore begun work on implementing the srcset attribute for image elements, enabling alternate image resources based on the device’s DPI scaling factor:

We’re starting with srcset pixel density descriptors for the broadest interoperability, but we’re looking at other features like width/height descriptors and the <picture> element for possible implementation in the future.

Date input controls

Inputting dates in a form is common practice on the Web. We’re beginning the implementation of a variety of new input controls for basic date picking. These controls will use the standard HTML5 types and provide UI that’s friendly to your input device, like our other HTML5 input controls.

This work is “phase 1” of 2. This first phase includes date, week, and month controls. The second phase (not yet in development) includes time related inputs. We’ll update you when work on phase 2 begins.

<main> element

We introduced a number of HTML5 semantic elements in IE9. We’re now adding support for the <main> element, which represents the main content of the document or application.

As always, check status.modern.IE for the latest on our development roadmap, vote for features on User Voice, and give us feedback on how we’re doing at @IEDevChat.

Jacob Rossi
Senior Program Manager