Windows 10 Version and Compliance Dashboard

Did you ever had the need to find out which versions of Windows 10 you are running within your organization? Or wanted to know if you are still running a supported version of Windows 10 for a specific Branch?  Information if your machines have the latest Cumulative Update installed on Windows 10?

This Dashboard will give you a quick overview of the Windows 10 Versions and Branches used within your organization and if the Versions / Branches are still supported, expiring soon or End of Life. The second chart will show the latest Cumulative Update for all the Windows 10 version.

This Dashboard requires Configuration Manager Current Branch with a SQL Server Reporting Services Point Role and Software Update Management enabled. It has been developed and tested on Configuration Manager Current Branch with SQL Server 2012.

These are all questions that this Windows 10 Dashboard can help you with.

Win10 Dashboard



Please find the Dashboard on the link below.

Windows 10 Dashboard RDL

If you have any additions to this Dashboard, feel free to customize it.

If you need information on how to import the Dashboard into SQL Server Reporting Services and reconfigure the datasource please review this link on the SystemCenterDudes blog.

This Dashboard is querying data from the Configuration Manager Database. Some views are not accessible with the default reporting user permissions.

You might receive an error as seen below:

Query execution failed for dataset ‘Windows10Data’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘vSMS_WindowsServicingLocalizedNames’, database ‘CM_XXX’, schema ‘dbo’.

This can be resolved by adding the reporting user with the datareader permission or by giving the select permission to the views.

See this text file for the t-sql commands.