Microsoft working with Joyent and the Node community to bring Node.js to Windows

I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has joined Joyent and Ryan Dahl in their effort to make Windows a supported platform in Node.

Our first goal is to add a high-performance IOCP API to Node to give developers the same high-performance/scalability on Windows that Node is known for, given that the IOCP API performs multiple simultaneous asynchronous input/output operations.

 At the end of this initial phase of the project, we will have official binary node.exe releases on, meaning that Node.js will run on Windows Azure, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003.

You can read more about all this on as well as on

While this is just the beginning of the journey to make Node.js on Windows a great platform for Node developers, I’m really excited about making this happen.

So, stay tuned, as there’s a lot more to come!

Claudio Caldato,

Principal Program Manager, Interoperability Strategy Team