Hello World!

Hello. My name is Sean Siler, and I am one of the three IPv6 Program Managers at Microsoft. I am externally facing, meaning my job is to talk to customers about IPv6 and determine what their concerns are, answer their questions, and ensure that any valid deployment blockers are brought to the attention of the rest of the team.

Blogs by their very nature are fairly fluid and informal, this one is no different. As an informal method of communication, nothing that you read in this blog should be construed as policy or as a promise.  Additionally, while I will make every attempt to achieve full technical accuracy, IPv6 is a large topic that covers many disciplines. It is completely possible that I will get a fact wrong or misspeak.  If this happens I will try to correct it as soon as possible, but again, that's why this is not an official publication.

In later posts I will describe what Teredo is and why it isn't as bad as you have heard, explain how our DNS client works with IPv6 addresses, and tell you what the business value is in deploying IPv6 (and companies that are doing it today!)

Thanks for stopping by, check back every few days for more IPv6 information!