Understanding IPv6, Second Edition

Joe Davies, a.k.a. "The Cable Guy", has completed the update to his excellent "Understanding IPv6" book!  I highly recommend this book - it will help you understand IPv6 in general as well as some Microsoft-specific information.  Good stuff!


Understanding IPv6, Second Edition

By Joseph Davies


Understanding IPv6, Version 2 is an update of the existing Understanding IPv6 title that delivers in-depth technical information on IPv6, from features and benefits to packet structure and protocol processes, and its implementation in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. This book also describes how to migrate to IPv6-based connectivity, with tips about coexistence with an IPv4-based network infrastructure. This is a key resource for Microsoft customers to ramp-up technically on IPv6 and begin deploying IPv6 connectivity on their intranets.

The companion CD-ROM contains an eBook version of the book, Network Monitor capture files, IPv6 RFCs and Internet drafts, and a set of training slide decks for each chapter.

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