Hands-on SharePoint 2010 Developer Training

This is a heads up to any .NET developers that are looking to skill-up on Sharepoint 2010.

Monday 11th April to Thursday 14th April 2011€750 per seat
Email patherl@microsoft.com with any questions regarding registration and logistics.
This is a four day developer course which will be delivered by Combined Knowledge. This is a local redelivery of their acclaimed SharePoint 2010 developer track and is primarily aimed at .Net developers who wish to learn SharePoint 2010. The full course syllabus is available here: http://combined-knowledge.com/Courses/Classroom/Developer_2010/index.html?showUK

The following are the main components of the course:

·         Visual studio 2010 SharePoint Tools

·         Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

·         Farm and Sandboxed Solutions

·         Server and Client Object Models (.NET, Silverlight and JavaScript)

·         Authentication and Membership Providers

·         Master Pages, Branding, Themes, CSS, and JavaScript

·         The Fluent User Interface (AKA The Ribbon) and Custom Navigation

·         OOB Webparts, XLV Webpart, and Custom Web Parts

·         Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

·         LINQ to SharePoint

·         ADO.NET Data Services (REST)

·         PowerShell for SharePoint Foundation 2010

·         Web Services and WCF

·         Field Types and Field Controls

·         Timer Jobs

·         Event Receivers and Feature Callouts

·         Site and List Workflow

·         Mobile Applications

·         SharePoint Foundation 2010 Developer Dashboard

·         Change Log, Usage Log, Auditing and Unified Logging Service (ULS)