Windows Phone 7 Series – Free Dev Tools and Support for MIX attendees

I know we’ve all been calling it the Zune Phone for a while now, but whatever it is it’s public news and it’s gorgeous. 

Windows Phone 7 Series

I’ve been getting a few questions about writing applications for it, so I thought I’d throw this out there.  MIX is traditionally a conference for web developers and designers, but they’ve added a ton of sessions for people who want their applications to go even more places and reach even more people.

MIX10 for Windows Phone 7 Series

Here’s a small blurb about what to expect from the MIX10 Windows Phone sessions:

Everything you could ever want to know about Windows Phone 7 Series is at MIX10. You’ll preview the new development platform, show you how to work with the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools, and give you a tour of the Windows Phone Marketplace. All MIX10 attendees will receive access to the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools and have access to a dedicated track on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform that runs throughout the event. MIX10 attendees will also receive exclusive free developer support for the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools. Don’t miss this unique opportunity -attend MIX10.

See you at MIX10!

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