New Goodies in SQL Spatial Tools

Hi Folks,

Marko Tintor, one of our spatial developers, just uploaded a bunch of new functionality to the SQL Spatial Tools project on CodePlex.  I've updated the list of contents on CodePlex, but Marko lays this out the addition quite simply himself:

- Added projections: AlbersEqualArea Equirectangular LambertConformalConic Mercator ObliqueMercator TranverseMercator
- Added geometry envelope aggregate function
- Added geography union aggregate function with additional buffer around each input shape
- Added affine transformation for geometry
- Added densification of edges for geography
- Added SQL scripts with example queries and Register/Unregister scripts
- Added two new sinks: VacuousGeographyToGeometrySink and VacuousGeometryToGeographySink and functions for them to Functions.cs