PASS Wrap-Up

Hi Folks,

I just wrapped up my talk the 2011 PASS Summit. Here are a few quick thoughts:

StreamInsight seems like a technology that could benefit a large number of customers, for a large number of scenarios. But relatively few people even know what SI can do. So although the title of my talks was, “What’s new in Microsoft StreamInsight?”, I turned it into more of a dev-ish, “What the Heck is StreamInsight?” This seemed successful: people seemed attentive; I got a lot of good questions; very few people waked out—all good signs. I’ll see what the session feedback looks like, and if you have any comments, please paste them here or shoot me an email. I’ll be talking again at Connections, and want to use all the feedback I can to refine that talk.

I promised folks at the talk that I’d post my code. I’ve cleaned it up a little—added comments and some copyright info to save myself from our legal department—but it really is the code I used during the talk. Hopefully both of these will show up with the talk on the PASS website, but you can also download my code here.

One final thought: I’ve underestimated how hard it would be to get back in the blogging groove. But I’ll keep trying.