Building Windows Games with the Unity game engine

This is not déjà vu(or a joke) -- we are finally executing on the training event we postponed last November Smile Eventbrite
If you want to know why now, today Unity released their public beta of Unity 4.2, with support for Windows Store apps.

The event is on; below, you will find the highest level details. For hour by hour agenda, check the registration site.

It is a 2 day event at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View, CA. April 9 and 10.
The event is optimized for existing Unity developers who want to get all the details on porting a Unity game to Windows Store or Windows Phone. 


  • Pre-event (night before event) - Unity will do an in-person “jumpstart” into Unity game development for those of us that are not experts, but want to keep up on the next two days.  
  • Main Event (April 9th, 9AM  to 5 PM ) is mostly presentations from Unity, Microsoft and partners that have already ported their apps to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. We will also have panels  and Q&A time.
  • Game Jam (April 10th 9AM to 5 PM )is all hands-on.  Bring your game and port it, or bring a concept and write a new game.  We will have Unity field engineers, Microsoft engineers and evangelists, all ready to assist you. We will also have production devices ( Windows Phones, Surface and other devices) for you to try your games on a myriad of hardware.

The event is free.  If you can’t attend in person,  you will be able to watch the presentations via live webcast at

Again, you should register here . It is first-come-first-serve.

Hope to see you there. Happy Coding!