Windows phones hardware reviews

Kevan Hutson (or some one in his team) created this great ‘aggregation’ of reviews of different Windows Phone models.
It is a bit US-centric, because it aimed at helping the MS-based US Employees order their phones now that Windows Phone is launched in the US.
Still think it might be useful to many of the people reading this blog.. and if not, it can influence others to share better links, or even their own reviews..
So, with Kevan’s permission, sharing his internal list.  

Take it with three grains of salt; I did not read all the reviews, this is very unofficial, and I am sure not comprehensive.. Still, it did help me, so I thought was worth sharing..

Samsung Focus | AT&T

Brilliant 4” Super AMOLED Screen   Thinnest, lightest Windows Phone Audience Noise Reduction

Consumer Reports: Samsung Focus is sharp, with a few dull spots
The Samsung Focus looks like a winning smart phone, thanks to its gorgeous display and the efficient and attractive operating system behind it.

Gizmodo: The first Windows phone that matters
[Samsung Focus is] the thinnest and lightest Windows Phone, and its Super AMOLED display is the best screen too. If you're going to get a Windows Phone, this is the one to stare at the hardest.
The Samsung Focus plays up Windows Phone 7's strengths and plays down its weaknesses for a great Windows Phone experience.

The Focus is kind of the everyman of the Windows Phone 7 line. It doesn't really have any fancy features and isn't especially stylish... but it gets the job done.

MobileBurn: Windows Phone 7 and great hardware
The build quality on the Focus is amazing. It is a very solid and rich-feeling device. That it is good looking and features the best looking display on the market, in my opinion, certainly doesn't hurt.



LG Quantum | AT&T

Full QWERTY Keyboard 16 GB Internal Memory Play To (DLNA) Support

Engadget: LG Quantum first hands-on!
We're very torn on the LG Quantum. From the outside you've got a design that can only be named as "frumpy," with wasteful curves and rubberized edges, along with the smallest screen of the AT&T bunch. Still, slide this puppy open and you're treated with one of the best QWERTY keyboards in the business.

The Quantum takes a stand as it is the only Windows Phone 7-based device with a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard.

The LG Quantum could be a quantum of trouble. The first Windows Phone 7 device with a full keyboard that will be sold through U.S. carrier stores, it has a balky sliding mechanism and a really bizarre keyboard layout that could kill its appeal.


HTC Surround | AT&T

Slide-out speakers w/ kickstand SRS Dolby Mobile Surround Sound 16 GB internal memory
It's business as usual for HTC: attractive and understated finishes that avoid looking plasticky, a solid feel in the hand and considerable heft thanks to the slider design.
The HTC Surround promises a big entertainment experience with its kickstand and huge slide-out speaker, but Windows Phone 7 just isn't up to the task.

The Surround needed to bring a lot to the table in order to justify being bigger and heavier than the Samsung Focus while lacking the QWERTY keyboard of the LG Quantum, and we just don't think a pair of average speakers and a kickstand provides that justification

Gear Live
The HTC Surround is a good phone, and its the one we'd recommend if watching movies and listening to music is your jam.


HTC HD7 | T-Mobile

Largest 4.3” Screen T-Mobile TV built-in

The hardware could use a bit of updating, but the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile combines the power of Windows Phone 7 with a large touch screen and delivers satisfying performance.
The T-Mobile HD7 is a good-looking phone that's a fine canvas for Windows Phone's services, but it's not at the top of its class.

Overall, the HD7 is not a bad phone, and it's a perfect serviceable vehicle for Windows Phone 7. It's just not a great phone.

Boy Genius Report
The Windows Phone 7 OS on HTC’s HD7 is absolutely fantastic in many respects, and yet in other areas, it is an OS filled with almosts.

The reason we like the HD7 is that it seems to be just about the perfect size for us. It trades little in the way of added bulk for an awful lot in added real estate and general usability.

The HD7′s large display, responsive interface and our generally positive feelings about Windows Phone 7 all stand in its favor, but there are still niggling flaws and frustrations that mar the overall experience.


Dell Venue Pro | T-Mobile

Vertical QWERTY Keyboard Scratch & Shatter Resistant Screen Available on T-Mobile, sold through Dell

Engadget: Dell Venue Pro (aka Lightning) first hands-on!
No matter what you call Dell's Windows Phone 7 portrait slider, it's downright awesome.

The smartphone feels very solid in the hand. In addition to the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Venue Pro also offers a 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen, which was both sharp and responsive in our brief hands-on time with the device.

The Venue Pro has a bit more heft than some of the other WP7 devices launching today, but it's not overly bulky. It just feels solid, durable.  Windows Phone 7's dark horse? Hands on
I want to love the Dell Venue Pro. This is the Windows Phone 7 with a keyboard that might actually work. But it's from Dell, and even T-Mobile doesn't seem to have complete faith in the phone.

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