DinnerNow version 1.2 - Now available

Today we released an updated version of the DinnerNow sample on CodePlex. The new version includes several bug fixes and a few enhancements. Most of the bug fixes are related to the setup/configuration process. You can download the new version at https://www.CodePlex.com/DinnerNow.

Some of the new features in version 1.2 include:


Out-workflow PowerShell Commandlet - David Aiken developed a custom commandlet for Windows PowerShell allows a user to quickly display a workflow based on the data returned from another commandlet. For example, by simply running the command get-workflow | out-workflow in PowerShell, a user will be able to visually see the status of a running workflow in the workflow designer control.  Here are some screenshots:  


Live Service Trace Viewer – The Live Service Trace Viewer is sample that Craig McMurtry initially developed for WCF. It allows you to view a graphical diagram that illustrates the interaction sender(s) and receiver(s) in a WCF application. You can find out more about this sample on Craig’s blog. We have upgraded the Live Service Trace Viewer to the RTM version of the .NET Framework 3.0 and we have also embedded it inside of MMC 3.0. Consequently, from MMC you can now monitor both the workflows and services in the DinnerNow sample.  Here are some screenshots:


CardSpace Address Information – It is now possible to provide your address information as optional claims in your self-issued CardSpace information card and use this address during the checkout process.


Please download the new version and leave feedback in the discussion forums at https://www.codeplex.com/DinnerNow.