Over 13 months ago (April 4, 2005 in fact) I posted something on my blog that I was leaving the patterns & practices team. Since that time we assembled a team of people and in turn built a community site for developers to innovate and participate in collaborative development projects. The web-site launched last Thursday, May 11, 2006 and is currently in beta. I encourage you to check out the site at . I look forward to getting your feedback on what we did right, wrong and suggestions on how to improve. Please feel free to respond directly. Alternatively we also have a project on the CodePlex site (here) where you can post your comments in the discussion forum.

We currently have 12 projects on the site and as we progress through the beta there will be additional projects and more content in each individual project. Some of the current projects include the "Atlas" Control Toolkit, NUnitLite, and IronPython. If you are interested in hosting your project on the site please send me an email. In this beta period we will be increasing the number of projects slowly as we scale out the infrastructure to ensure high reliability and availability for our users.