My next adventure

After 4+ years on the languages team it’s time for me to move onto the next adventure.  I joined the languages team in the winter of 2006.  Since then I’ve worked on pretty much every part of the language experience including the compiler, debugger and IDE, shipped 2 releases of Visual Studio, several independent projects and fixed the occasional bug. 

I will be joining an operating systems incubation project inside of Microsoft.  It’s an exciting project which is exploring the world of multi-core programming and other aspects of the stack that I am deeply interested in. 

The downside of working on a team for 4+ years though is you tend to get rather attached to the people and product.  Visual Studio and in particular the languages team is full of a lot of great people who’ve had a lasting professional and personal impact on me.   It was a great experience and I will miss it all. 

This of course won’t stop me from continuing to blog on Visual Studio, languages, the BCL, .Net or really anything else that comes to mind.  Nor will it prevent my continued work on Visual Studio extensions such as VsVim.  I’ll just be doing all of it from a different building.