Help make the MSDN forums experience better

Big thanks to Steve Andrews for turning me on to this project...  If you've tried using the MSDN forums and have been frustrated by the experience (maybe with logging in and out for example?), this project on CodePlex might be of interest to you. 

Jeremy Kelley, a program manager at Microsoft, has started a project to build a new client for the MSDN forums.  One of the key goals of the project is to "provide a workflow for high volume answerers that enhances their ability to contribute to the forums".  Think offline reading, local message store, etc.

This is exciting for me because we certainly appreciate all the forums responses we get from community members, and we definitely don't want it to be difficult to you to answer questions!

So if you have any feedback on the forums experience you want to make sure the team considers, please visit the MSDN Forums Client project site and submit your thoughts.  If you have some spare coding cycles, they're looking for developers too.