NotAtPDC - A Conference for the Rest of Us

If you're like me, you're sitting at your desk working today instead of attending PDC '08.  Luckily, sessions are available from Channel9 24 hours after each event (tags: PDC 2008, PDC08), so you can still get all the scoop.  First up for TFS today will be Brian Harry's talk from yesterday, "Team Foundation Server 2010: Cool New Features".  Also be sure to watch Stephanie Saad's talk on how we use TFS at Microsoft later this week.

Additionally, several MVPs and other community folks have put together an ad hoc virtual conference, NotAtPDC, for people who couldn't attend the PDC.  The presentations will all be given virtually via LiveMeeting, so you can watch them in real time and participate by chatting or asking questions.  Find more information at  The event schedule is evolving constantly as word spreads, so check back often for updates.  You can also follow developments on Twitter by following @NotAtPDC.