Facebook Panels, Live (and more) for Sony Ericsson X1

If you are a Facebook addict (like me sadly) and you have a Sony Ericsson X1 device then you can now download a new Panel for the X1 interface to allow you to stay (even more) connected to your Facebook contacts.

Sony Ericsson announced details of this yesterday and with it you can:

  • Get an entirely new visual representation of friends’ statuses
  • Simple and fast upload of photos to Facebook
  • Easy access to Facebook friends list and phone numbers, with click to call capabilities

The Windows Live Panel allows you to see your Messenger contacts as well as your Hotmail/Live mail on your device.

Last but certainly not least is the Dashwire panel which gives you access to your stored information that Dashwire has sync'd to the cloud including your Photos, contacts, text messages and other items!