Fake Call and Power SMS get updated

CJ just pinged me to tell me that he’s updated two of my favourite applications Power SMS and FakeCall!

PowerSMS v1.3 now has Calendar integration for Auto Reply, so it can automatically turn on and off based on your schedule. When your Calendar is Busy, it will turn ON. When it is free, tentative or Out Of Office, Auto Reply will turn off. Of course you can also override it and manually control Auto Reply if you wish to.

Fake Call v1.1 adds support for playing voice clips after a call has been "answered". This makes the fake call more believable in quiet environments. To people around you, it will actually sound like someone is speaking on the other end of the line. And the voice only begins playing about 3 seconds after you've answered the call, thus giving you time to say "Hello....". Try the latest version to see what I mean.