Hurry – Get a Redfly for 50% off!


I’m a big fan of the Celio Redfly device as it’s a great way of extending your Windows Mobile device and turning it into a sub-laptop. 

The Redfly has no OS on it and basically allows you to use your Windows Mobile device with an 8 inch screen and even output to a projector via VGA.  It can connect to your device either with Bluetooth or via USB (which also charges your device too)

You can even plug USB key/flash drives into the USB ports!

If all this sounds appealing you need to act fast as Celio have made a limited quantity available at 50% off the list price. 

You can get a Redfly for $199 until October 31, 2008.

Visit for more information on this limited time program and pricing.

You can also learn more about REDFLY at