New Redfly products available!


Celio Corp today unveiled two new Redfly devices : the REDFLY C7 and REDFLY C8N.

The REDFLY series of products are Mobile Device Extenders that allow you to connect your Windows Mobile device to it and then take advantage of the larger keyboard and screen. 

The REDFLY C7 is a new, more affordable model with a power-saving seven-inch display, light-weight five-hour battery, and feather-light design under 1.5 lbs.

The REDFLY C8N is the next evolution of the original REDFLY design, enhanced to allow the use of the eight-inch screen by an iPod™, iPhone ™, Zune™, or digital camera.

Available the week of December 1, 2008, REDFLY C7 and C8N can be pre-ordered today from select Celio resellers listed at for a suggested retail price of $229 and $299 respectively.