Positive Comments on the BRM from the Denmark NSB

The national standard body for Denmark has posted some short Standards Denmarkcomments about the BRM. For the moment, I don't think theĀ  comments are posted anywhere on their site in English. I found a translation, but if it is off, please let me know.


The following is a translation of comments posted by the Denmark National Standards Body.


Result from the Danish OOXML BRM Delegation

The Danish OOXML BRM delegation, that was appointed by a unanimous Committee at Danish Standards, has just returned from the BRM meeting.

The Danish delegations mission to ensure a Danish fingerprint on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML, and thus improve the standard, was fully accomplished, since all Danish comments have been approved to be worked into ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML.

Representatives from IEC and ISO at the meeting, secured that all rules for a BRM was upheld. To get the many comments through the meetings in 5 days meant that the meeting was a very intense process. For those comments that were not debated during the meeting, a majority of the delegates decided that the solution was to express their position on paper. This was also what the Danish delegation did.