Real Interoperability Projects and Documentation

It’s been a while since I was part of the core team doing the broader interop work at Microsoft. I have become increasingly focused on global standards issues which is only a part of the bigger picture on interop.

That said, I was just kicking around the Interoperability Bridges & Labs Center and was impressed with how far a nimageumber of those projects have come. I have been hearing many people pontificate on the future of standards for cloud computing, and was doing some searching online which ironically brought me back to a MS site. There is a section here about PHP on Azure if you’re into that kind of stuff. Turns out they built SDKs for Java and Ruby on Azure as well.

I was involved with the team when they were first working on a bunch of the identity OOXML/ODF translator stuff. But the number of projects has been expanded and I like what they’ve done.

The think I like most about this site is it is about real projects and do stuff – not just talk about it. Kudos to Jean and his team. Great stuff in my book.