Coming up for air..

I've been rather silent here for sometime.  This is primarily due to the fact that the whole dev team for SQL Azure (SADB not SAD by the way) has been really pushing hard to make our deliverables for PDC this year.  As has been explained previously, we've done pretty much a 180 degree move here w.r.t the prior version of the service.  This takes, as you can imagine, quite a bit of work to pull off.

This week has been a week of relief for the team.  We're rounding out the release that will be available for early access to a limited set of early access customers.  We've got the bits running in the cluster, we're passing our load/stress tests on the system as well as our security tests.  It's one of those quiet moments where you reflect back on the hard work you've done before the storm kicks up again next week as we make the final engineering push for the PDC.

 It's a good day.