Podcasting Fun

I’ve recently been a guest on 2 podcasts.  Feel free to give them a listen. 

.NET Rocks!

.NET RocksIt’s always fun to speak with Richard and Carl on the .NET Rocks podcast

Can Artificial Intelligence help protect the Earth? Jennifer Marsman says yes! Carl and Richard talk to Jennifer about her new role working with Microsoft Research on implementing machine learning systems to support agriculture, environmental protection, biodiversity and more. Some of the projects originate within Microsoft, but there are a number of external projects supported by the team with Azure credits and funding. AI for good!




Tech Forward podcast - Jennifer MarsmanI also spoke with Cheryl Chotrani on the Tech Forward podcast

We talked about the AI for Earth program, FarmBeats, Project Premonition, bias in machine learning, and technology’s diversity issues. 

By running a global grant program, developing their own APIs, and funding projects, AI for Earth is, in Jennifer’s words, “a chance to use my passion for machine learning to make a difference.” One such project is FarmBeats, which is interested in sustainable, long-term solutions to maximize yield and, ultimately, reduce world hunger. Another initiative, Project Premonition, puts mosquitoes to work in order to predict outbreaks of diseases. While machine learning is obviously a powerful tool, there is always the danger of bias. Finally, when it comes to tech’s diversity issues, Jennifer identified two distinct, but related issues: attracting a diverse workforce, and maintaining that diversity.