I guess Microsoft "gets SOA" after all...and a whisper worth listening to

Last week I quoted from a rather strange article wondering if Microsoft "gets SOA".  

Based on a recent IDC study it appears that many enterprises are planning to use Microsoft for their SOA initiatives.   While the study is not SOA-specific it contains SOA technology adoption data and trends that you may find interesting.    This is a double-blind study that measures application platform adoption among large organizations for mission-critical applications. 

Before you toss this off as Microsoft marketing hype please note the following:

  • The study is focused on larger North American organizations, 70% are 5,000 or more employees. IDC Screened for IT Decision Makers, Developers, Architects that have a material influence over adoption of mission critical application platform software for their organization.
  • The study was sponsored by Microsoft but was driven and conducted by IDC. Random sampling was used according to strict IDC research standards. 
  • Although this is a Microsoft sponsored the study, Microsoft did not participate in or influence the study.  See Page 4 of the study for specifics.

You can read more about this study over at InfoQ where JJ interviews Dino Chiesa about the study.   (InfoQ is a great site - you really should consider adding it to your regular reading list.)

On another topic, JJ is working on an interesting initiative called wsper ("whisper").    From the intro: "The main goal of the framework is to create a service oriented, process centric and model driven application model from the point of view of the business logic that needs to be expressed when building composite information systems."   

Interesting and timely stuff well worth watching.