Stuff you find at Microsoft

imageI wandered by the Scrum lobby in one of the Microsoft Advanta buildings and saw a new addition. Apparently one of the CRM teams were into Legos and in a big way. Since I don’t remember seeing it the week before, I wonder if the team put it together over the weekend. This Death Star II is massive and I would imagine took a long time to assemble. Talk about a team building experience.

The world of Lego is really quite impressive. And apparently it is now a universe with an online game environment. I remember playing with these toys as a youth before they came out with kits that included custom pieces. With no instructions for what you were to make with Legos, our imaginations went wild with thoughts of space exploration, race cars, and skyscrapers.

Even then Legos were amazing, but I also really like the Etch A Sketch too. So maybe I was easy to keep occupied.  I wonder if kids would play with something that simple now? And don’t even get me talking about how fun it was to play with empty boxes in the 60s.  ;0)