Having to uninstall PowerShell (still) makes me sad

This isn’t new to Windows 7 (I got the same when upgrading from XP to Vista).  However, it still feels like we’re “punishing” one of the user subsections that don’t deserve it (especially since I’m in it! :)  Trust me, I “get” that it’s not a very populous subsection (unfortunately :) so on the list of priorities, a “bug” like this is likely to be pretty far down the list (especially given the workaround, making the severity pretty low too!  Of course, I’m with Joel on the uselessness of that field but that’s a rant for another day)


To compound the pain, the above instructions aren’t even correct.  PowerShell is part of the OS in Vista (it installs with CBS, not MSI), even if it’s not “in-box”, so you have to go “turn off” PowerShell – it’s not a regular program you would uninstall as the compatibility report seems to indicate.


I’ll hold out hope that it’ll be better by RTM!

It does raise a related question, though: What’s the opposite of a Snoopy Dance?