PowerShell V2: CTP3 now available!

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Go get it!

The bits in the overview I want to call out (because I've seen others trip over this) -

  • In Windows PowerShell V2 CTP, the WS-Management-based remoting features work correctly only on Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and on Windows Server 2008. These remoting features will not work on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 in this release.
  • Windows PowerShell background jobs (jobs) rely on the remoting features of Windows PowerShell V2. To use jobs, Windows PowerShell remoting must be enabled, even if the job runs only on the local computer.
  • Many features introduced in previous CTPs were modified based upon customer feedback. If your scripts used those features, they may have to be modified to run properly. A list of the changes is provided in the Release Notes .

You really want to play with the jobs support.  Before I started playing with it, I expected something akin to job control from bash (and many other shells), but it's much more than that - among other things, its built-in support for running jobs remotely and throttling.  Check out this post from MoW for an example.

If you're new to PowerShell V2's remoting, you may also want to read Don Jones'  article and Krishna's blog post for a quick conceptual overview.