PDC mini-guide updates

The PDC content team is on site in LA! It's been an intense last month getting ready for the event, which explains the absence of any interesting blog posts from me. If I have some time in the next few days before the show starts, I will try to write up more of what we've been up to. In the meantime, however, I wanted to send along a heads up on some recent changes to our session list.

We have been constantly fine tuning the session list and room assignments over the past month, in large part based on attendee data from the personal calendar tool. The most current session list is always available on CommNet, and changes are pushed via our RSS feed. As it turns out, though, the mini-guide, the pocket-sized list of all session times and room assignments that attendees receive at check-in, had to go to print in August. We tried really hard to avoid making changes after the print date, since we know many attendees rely on the mini-guide as their PDC bible. But when the personal calendar data showed us that our room size was really far off base, we decided it was more important to have the right size room than to have the mini-guide be 100% accurate.

So, for your reference, here is the list of sessions which have changed since the mini-guide was printed. We'll provide a printed copy of this as well at the registration desk.


















In addition, there are a few sessions we planned a while back, but did not put onto CommNet for various reasons. We're starting to upload those sessions now. The first two (which you will find in your mini-guide, but are now also available on CommNet) are

PRSL02: Case Study: How Hotmail Used Atlas and ASP.NET to Build a Great User Experience

PRSL04: MSN: Extending Start.com Using Startlets

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