The Mega-Guide to Trends in 2019

The Mega-Guide to Trends in 2019 is here:

Trends in 2019

Each year, I like to take a balcony view of what’s going on around the world in terms of consumers, technology, and more.

I find that if I take the time to really take a look around, that I will be surprised less and disrupt more.

Taking a broad view of the key trends also helps me innovate, especially as I learn how the combo of technologies are being used in new ways to create and capture value.

Note that this is no ordinary trends post.

It’s massive.

Think of it like a “thick index.”

But you can skim it fast.

This will help you get familiar with the map of the key trends so you will recognize terms and learn key concepts.

Then you can circle back and read a little slower to start to internalize and really absorb the breadth and depth of the trends shaking up our world.

See What’s Next, Be What’s Next

If you slow down to really learn the trends, you will gain an extreme advantage in terms of seeing what’s next, so you can be what’s next.

I used to get surprised by things all the time, and now it’s actually pretty rare.

I found that all the things that were surprising me downstream, had left a bunch of clues up stream, but I just never knew what to look for..

So a few years back I started trying to create a balcony view of the coming year.

I would roundup all the trends I could find, filter them sort them, reorganize them, and internalize them.

I internalized them by trying to tell stories of how things are changing around us in relatable and pragmatic ways.

A lot of innovation comes down to cross-pollinating ideas across industries.

As you learn the key trends in 2019 you will see patterns that keep popping up and you will see interesting ways to combine technologies to create and capture value.

One of the toughest things to do to accelerate innovation is to build a shared vocabulary for ideas and concepts.

If you know the names and ideas behind key trends, it will help you mash up faster and you will be able to build on ideas better because you have a solid map of the innovation arena.

Trends are among your most powerful ingredient for finding and creating breakthroughs and driving innovation.

If you ask yourself, just one question, as you learn each trend, you will get more from everything you read.

Ask yourself, “How can I use this?”

And then look for examples.

By asking yourself, how can I use this, you will get your brain in the game, and it will have fun helping you find new and novel ways to use various trends.

If you think about it, trends affect everything from school, to work, to shopping, to business, to driving, to entertainment, and more.

So by learning key trends, you are learning how to navigate and surf the changes in your life.

I put a lot of work into creating this mega-guide to trends in 2019.

I hope it helps you in many ways you can’t even predict.