The Power of Business Scenarios for Digital Transformation

I wrote a new post, fresh off the press, on how to use Business Scenarios to drive Digital Transformation the Agile way:

The Power of Business Scenarios for Digital Transformation

It’s a serious post that distills a lot of what I’ve learned over the past several years driving Digital Transformation.

I learned a lot from my Enterprise Strategy days as well as when I was “head coach” on Satya Nadella’s Innovation team.  I also learned a lot from the past few years on the Microsoft Digital Advisory Services team, where we help business leaders around the world use technology to transform their business and to create and capture value in the Digital Era.

If you are an Agile developer (or want to be one), you may also find this to be a particularly helpful article.

Digital Transformation is one of the biggest changes in the software industry, ever. (see Satya Nadella on The Future is Software)

It’s how a lot of businesses will die.

It’s how a lot of businesses will be born.

And it’s how many businesses will be reborn.

And in my experience, Business Scenarios are ultimately the backbone and the building blocks for Digital Transformation.

If you are experienced in Agile and know User Stories, you will easily relate to Business Scenarios.

You can think of them as much bigger user stories, rooted in the pains, needs, and desired outcomes of the business leaders.

Business Scenarios are also the bridge connecting business and IT.

You can break Business Scenarios down into multiple “user stories” or “usage scenarios.”

In fact, in my mind, I actually picture a graph or constellation of hot spots where the Business Scenarios are the “Hubs” and the User Stories are the “Spokes.”

So if you are trying to break down the big challenge of Digital Transformation, then Business Scenarios will help you do exactly that.

Business Scenarios make Digital Transformation real.