Fix available: ASP.Net MVC RC Crash in a Windows Azure Cloud Service Project

For those of you that have been unfortunate enough to experience the VS crash when using the ASP.Net MVC RC in a Windows Azure Cloud Service project, I have good news!

The CLR team has distributed a hotfix.  The KB Article number is 963676 and is posted at

The hotfix isn't specific to the MVC crash, it solves some crashes in the WPF Designer as well.

You can download the hotfix here:

  • For Vista/Windows Server 2008 32 bit: Use Windows6.0-KB963676-x86.msu
  • For Vista/Windows Server 2008 64 bit: Use Windows6.0-KB963676-x64.msu

[update 8/27/2010] - This hotfix has been superceded: and unfortunately it appears we no longer host it on Connect so you'll have to contact Microsoft support, see the KB article for more information.